Captek Crowns and Bridges
(The Perfect choice for the Perfect SMILE)

Prisma Dental is very pleased to offer the option of Captek Crowns to our patients. Captek Crowns combine what is considered to be the most esthetically pleasing, natural-looking, and healthy choice for crowns and bridges.

Studies of Captek have shown a 71% reduction of plaque and bacteria in the area around the gums Researchers and clinicians have referred to Captek as being therapeutic for the gums. Captek has repeatedly exceeded the highest expectations of research groups testing the strength of Captek.

The exceptional strength of Captek comes from the exclusive reinforced gold of its internal structure that gives it an unparalleled toughness and durability. It is virtually impossible to distinguish Captek from healthy natural teeth because Captek material has intricate light-dispersing effects.

Captek gives the most naturally white teeth and assures you of an attractive and beautiful smile.


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