(Periodontal Plastic Surgery)

Gingivoplasty is a procedure in which we surgically reshape and re-contour the gum tissue for cosmetic, physiological, or functional purposes.

This corrective procedure is perfect for patients with Gummyteeth or the appearance of small teeth as shown below.

During this procedure, we will apply novocaine to  the affected area then we will trim the excess gum tissue to create a beautiful gum line. This procedure is completed with minimal to no pain and a rapid recovery time.

Please contact our office at anytime if you would like to schedule an appointment to perform the gingivoplasty here at Prisma Dental.


Call toll-free from the U.S. >> Dial 1.866.741.8194


PRISMA Cosmetic Dentistry / San Jos, Costa Rica, 300 meters east of Plaza Mayor Mall, Rohrmoser Boulevard, Prisma Building, Third Floor.
From U.S. (011) (506) 2291-5151 or (506) 2291-5252  Fax. (506) 2291-5454

Direction of the Clinic, as found in a GPS device: N 09º  56.570 & 084º  06.802

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