Invisalign Braces
What is new??

Invisilign, the newest and nearly invisible way to straighten your teeth!

Have you ever wondered how you can straighten your teeth without using any wires that can cause mouth abrasions?

Do you want to create a perfect smile without anyone knowing how you did it?

Still want to be able to drink and eat whatever you desire?

Be able to floss and brush normally?

If you said yes to all these questions, then Invisilign is right for you!

Invisilign is the clear way to straighten teeth without using braces; it works with aligners. Aligners are made of a clear, thin medical-grade polymer that is almost invisible when worn.

Clear And comfortable

You may be asking yourself how can these Alignersstaighten up my teeth. Well Invisalign works by using an advanced 3-D computer imaging technology to project the tooth movement, it creates a series of custom-made Aligners that gradually move your teeth. You wear each Aligner for about two weks and then you move to the next set, until your teeth are straight.

If you have any doubts or questions about Invisalign, do not hesitate to call Prisma Dental at 011-506-2291-5151 or send our office an e-mail at and we will answer your questions with great pleasure.

Real Cases

Amy Generalized Spacing
Treatment Time: 6 months
Aligners: 12 Upper, 7 Lower

Pat Upper Spacing
Treatment Time: 6 months
Aligners: 13 Upper, 13 Lower


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