Cosmetic dentistry: The best Costa Rican souvenir
The Washington Times

During my stay in Costa Rica I developed a toothache that would just not go away. I was somewhat hesitant about contacting a dental office in Costa Rica, but then the Costa Rican Ministry of Health informed me that most of this nations dentists have been educated abroad and that many Americans travel to Costa Rica specifically for their dental care. The overall cost is a fraction of what is charged in the United States.

When the pain became unbearable, I inquired further about local dentists. The same names, Dr. Telma Rubinstein and Dr. Josef Cordero, continually came up in conversation.

Of course there are many excellent dentists in Costa Rica, but it seems as if this couple had acquired their outstanding reputation not only through their professionalism, but also through their charisma. I finally decided that I could no longer put off a visit to the dentist, and made an appointment with this Costa Rican couple. Ever since then my concept of dental care in Costa Rica has not been the same.

Rubinstein and Cordero are both extremely professional, but also very warm. Any fears associated with dental work quickly fade. Both doctors studied dentistry in Costa Rica before continuing their education in cosmetic dentistry in Switzerland, Munich, Montreal, Vancouver, and Chicago. Moreover, they have achieved certificates of Advanced Training in Implant Dentistry, are Members of the Prosthodontic Section of the Collegium International of Oral Implantologists, and are members of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. The clinic offers a wide range of dental services, however the two doctors also specialize in dental implants and general and periodontal dentistry. Basic services include: implants, 100% porcelain crowns and bridges, porcelain inlays, prosthesis, resin fillings, bleaching, mercury free dentistry, root canal treatment, major surgeries, gum treatments and nitrous oxide sedation.

Just compare the costs to what one would expect to pay in the US. In Costa Rica you only pay $750 for implants, $250 for porcelain crowns. The clinic will also assist in filling out American insurance forms. There are no differences between the way that US and Costa Rican treatments are performed. In fact, one dentist from Arizona examined the work done by Doctors Rubinstein and Cordero, saying, It was really hard to find the difference between the porcelain inlays and the teeth. The job these Costa Rican dentists did is so good that I had to look through a magnifying glass to find the border between them.

In addition, all of the techniques, instruments and materials are imported from the U.S. and Europe.     The clinic has its own laboratory located on the premises. This contributes to the significantly faster, easier and less expensive service. The latest, anesthetic procedures are applied, and, as their slogan promises, the goal is to give you a beautiful smile to take back home from Costa Rica.The operations themselves occur at the Dental Wellness Clinic, which will be soon be moving into new premises.

Americans, Canadians and Europeans constitute 50% of the clientele. How do they find this Clinic? Most of the people contact the clinic by email, telephone or fax, explaining their dental situation, and inquiring about the solution and the costs. After the initial consultation the patient decides upon the time of the year that he wants to travel. Cordero and Rubinstein are also ready to assist patients with transportation, discounted accommodation and advice on places where the visitor can vacation in Costa Rica.

According to the doctors, one of their secrets is simply the excellent treatment, affordable prices, and the fact that, over the past 22 years, many satisfied clients have been talking to each other word is going around.Since so many Americans are in search of warm, personalized treatment, why not combine it with affordable prices and a Costa Rican vacation?

An email from one American client confirms the power of this new concept: Thank you so much! I can't stop smiling and showing off my gorgeous teeth to everyone I meet. You saved not only my mouth, but money and, most importantly, time, which is so very precious. What you accomplished in only a week-and-a-half would have taken over a year here, not to mention hours of frustration with multiple dental appointments and visits. I can't thank you enough. You are the best dentists in the world and we are so very, very fortunate that God steered us to you.



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